Tim Holcombe




It is the the summer of 1947 in the cotton fields of southwest Alabama. John Potts struggles to put food on the table of his tiny shotgun shack. A brush with the law sends him on a downward spiral which takes him far from his dreary existence, to a life he could have never dreamed possible.

Marshall, his son, grows up in poverty, abuse and terror, his life shrouded in a deathly secret which haunts him for years.

Curtis Lee Moffatt is a traveling faith healer, whose visit to the area will change lives forever.

Lurking beneath the veneer of their lives is a dark secret, which years later, Marshall will eventually have to either cover up, or expose for all to see in the relentless heat of a south Alabama summer.

THE CHARLATAN’S SON will take you on a journey of suspense, mystery, and a treacherous search for salvation, and justice.